Wednesday, September 12, 2012

They Rape, we Watch, They Walk away

On 9th of July a young girl was raped by 13 men on camera, the brutal tape was played across the country. All our Knights went up in outrage Arnabh Goswami, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Ravnish Kumar, Abhigyan Prakash wanted immediate police action, the national commission for women sent inquiry teams, Alka Lamba was seen hugging the victim into safety. All of us gender activists were going gung-ho on social media, investigating profiles & finding culprits.
And YES, we got them behind bars, tapped our shoulders & forgot about it ! Media had other issues like Kejriwal & coal blocks. We who sell ‘ gender activism ‘ for our living went on to our projects, proposals, capacity building, budgets, seminars & conferences. 
Well here is what happened on 9th of july to that young girl ! Watch this video ( ) & I urge you to just imagine this was you !,  your sister, girlfriend, wife, mother !!!!!
What would you do to these men ???? ( even fucking Gandhians would ensure they are hanged !!!!! ).
Yes the prediction is true they were ALL GRANTED BAIL !, no the media is not there ( we need to celebrate Yuvi’s return & Aseem Trivedi’s release). Outraged gender activists like my self want to crack open skulls of these bastards & are repeatedly being told by our bosses to calm down (so we put our rage in words & feel like shit !!!!! ). But that’s not what matters to me.
What does she feel ? Those men tormented her, the whole country saw it ! & they walk free !!!!!! What legal system? What law? What society ? it’s the fucking height of hypocrisy !

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