Friday, March 2, 2012

Demand for Supply or Supply to Demand

I think in our times there is an enigmatic demand created for the product to be supplied. Yup it’s a jab at the whole Advertising industry , lets look at products like Coca-cola , Marlboro , McDonalds , Fairness creams ,  Products to make one slim. These amazing advertisements which are played and replayed through every broadcasting medium , one cannot go through a day without believing that the only way to quench ones thirst is by sipping on the cancer causing coke. That a drag of Marlboro will some how magically dissaperate us to the Grand Canyons where we will be taming wild horses . A bite of the fake bread , fake chicken , guaranteed to make on obese McDonalds burger will make our mind go ‘ Para pa pa paaaaaaaaaa , I am loving it ‘.  And all the other fairness/fitness/lookgood products which promise that we will turn into Greek Gods and Goddesses ( no idea , how they looked , but the ‘ Hot ‘ men n women of my times are always compared to them so must be right )
Honestly one could let it slide saying that these ads are not physically forcing you to buy them , YOU STILL HAVE A CHOICE , but do we ? , Does my poor brain really stand a chance against an army of psychologists/researchers/public opinion makers . I mean these guys spend their life figuring out how to trick me into wanting useless stuff
( reminds me of a scene from ‘ Fight Club Like so many others, I had become a slave to the IKEA nesting instinct. Uh, yes. I'd like to order the Erica Pekkary dust ruffles.

Operator: Please hold. If I saw something clever like a little coffee table in the shape of a yin-yang,

I had to have it.

The Klipske personal office unit, the Hovetrekke home exer-bike, or theJohannshamn sofa with the Strinne green stripe pattern. Even the Rizlampa wire lamps of environmentally friendly unbleached paper. I'd flip through catalogs and wonder: What kind of dining set defines me as a person?

I had it all.

Even the glass dishes with tiny bubbles and imperfections. Proof that they were crafted by the honest, simple, hard-working indigenous peoples of...

Operator: Please hold.

Narrator: Wherever. I was holding. We used to read pornography. Now it was the Horchow collection. )

Yes I love movies , so what’s my problem with the whole aspect of created demand , through sensationalizing a feeling , commodification of our natural instincts , basic needs , of normality itself.
Smiles need the empowerment of ‘ Colgate ‘, moments have to be saved in memory with the help of ‘ Kodak ‘ ( sadly they went bank corrupt , wonder what happens to my moments now ) , Love is forever ONLY if its sealed with a ‘ Diamond ‘ , Hell they wont even let me kiss if I am not chewing on a ‘ Wrigleys ‘ , My son needs to drink ‘ Horlicks ‘ , and my daughter need to be a ‘ Complan Girl ‘ because then she will turn into a Badminton star like Sania Mirza.

I think I made my point . 

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