Friday, October 7, 2011

A judicial system designed to fail !!

So before I share my views about the judicial system one has to know that my experience with the Law , real law , cops , robbers , courts came into existence as my jeep got stolen and found TWICE !!.
First time it was rather simple, my jeep got stolen; the cops found it caught the middle man trying to sell it off but could not get the robber. Case was simple went to court twice , got my car back on something called ‘ superdari ‘ , - basically meaning my jeep is an evidence in the crime and I can’t sell it off till the crime is solved. So as the cops would probably never catch the thief one can never sell one stolen – retrieved car. (The dude who wrote this law must have been high on some cheap locally made intoxication)
Any ways the second time around, the cops did not just retrieve my car, but caught the bad guys as well. Great and just as I was expecting a happy ending of this cops n robbers episode, the LAW jumped in. Of course the same running around for the “superdari “, but by now I am an expert of that track (in case you ever have to step into this devils circle do call, I shall sympathize).
But then there was a sequel to this : now as it was my car which was stolen , I was a witness , options provided to me are a) Tell the judge : “ I don’t want to say anything “ , b) compromise , c) be a witness and actually tell them the ‘Truth “.
The problem with having honest parents is that they teach you to speak the truth. My Dad specially is a guy known in lands far far away as someone who is an ‘Honest Man ‘. In today’s world that’s an extinct breed, (and thankfully so, as the following will explain).
So because I could not be a wimp and keep quiet, or did not think it was fine to be paid off by a bunch of robbers who stole my car. I decided I’ll be a witness. 

SO a date was provided by the court , and what a date it was , Delhi was flooded ,  a distance which in traffic takes 20 min took 2 hours. As I reached there court no 207, the Judge with a big smile told me     “O the convicts could not make it because of the Rain, so you need to come again “. Inside my head it was really like “ Lady , you on drugs , the dudes who stole my car , are NOT present ( not my FUCKING PROBLEM ) , THEY ARE IN JUDICIAL CUSTODY , GET THEM HERE , I’ll wait “, which I did convey to the judge in a language lacking the above profanity . Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand her answer was “No! “
So I humbly asked her “Well could you please tell me my exact role in all this? “
She was like “Your car got stolen “
Me: “Yes “
Judge “Well you have to say that “
Me “I am saying that “
Judge “In front of the accused “
My thoughts , this can’t be happening man, a guy who is in jail caught for stealing my car while he was loading it on a truck , has a charge sheet dating back to 1992 , it’s his RIGHT , that the witness needs to record his statement in front of him ????
Any ways before I would do something stupid, I just smiled told the judge see you soon and off I were.
Next Date no rain, no pain, simple drive, had a feeling it’s gonna be over today. BUT I WAS ABOUT TO FIND OUT I COULD NOT BE WRONGER. AS the bloody judge was on holiday!!! , why? How? In the middle of the week a HOLIDAY. There is a system in place a replacement judge, but all that he does is gives you another Date. Well I did get some work done; the dude did agree to record my statement. But gave another date, where I shall be cross examined by the convict’s lawyer.
Alright so putting all the madness in the background, leaving all my temper at home. I reached the court for the third time.  Only to find out the Judge was AGAIN on holiday, the convict had been provided bail but could not make it (probably busy stealing cars), and neither could his lawyer probably ensuring other criminals stay out of jail. So I was given another date.
In February next year , my car was stolen in June 2011 , there will be no judgment till fib 2012. That guy who has been stealing cars since 1992 , 73 on going cases , a charge sheet longer than the Nelson Mandela road , has rights protected by the FUCKING IPC , what about my right ? , what about my time? The only way to ensure the LAW protects your rights in this country is to commit a crime.
Seriously is this Justice? No wonder we are in this chaos, this legal system is designed to protect the bloody criminals. I mean I have all the support social and financial still it seems so disheartening to me. What about the majority of my country?? . Take a walk in the court complex you will know exactly what
I mean, and we talk about amendments, burn this piece of crap and a write something logical and achievable.

Reminds me of Sunny Deol

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