Monday, April 18, 2011

First Step

So finally over months of contemplation , and excuses I get down to writing , the last week has been an insane one nationally and personally . For starters India won the world cup :):) yes we did after 28 years , I still remember the highlights of the one in 1983 , and am sure will remember Dhoni's 6 , sitting next to lady love in a bar in Goa called ' Take 5 ' , what a feeling . Still hard to believe we achieved it . The second event happened in Delhi a 72 year old used the most non violent still effective ( at least in the indian scenario ) Fast until death for an anti corruption bill. I was at India gate right before our Govt accepted the demands of Anna Hazare and the Indians supporting him , thats also a moment i doubt i would ever forget , was in my Bolero , lady love by my side drove into the India gate parking and saw the crowd marching toward me. They were shouting slogans, holding banners  , but the most impressive or unforgettable memory is the composition of the crowd , it had the whole city in it, rich, poor , young , old , women , men , corporate sector , social sector , students and working class. Beautiful !!

I have been to a couple of demonstrations , but this was different , every member of the rally believed in the cause , was not there for any other reason but to support this positive movement of the people . Yeah sure there are cynics , and others who will look for whats wrong in this picture , and how it wont change anything , well I am proud to say i am not a part of that team. I think it did change something , if not a lot , my belief in this country and its people has strengthened. I dont think all our problems found a solution that night , but we took the first step towards that solution.   

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